Mindfulness and meditation workshops


Pure mindfulness and meditation workshops are designed to creatively empower the participants by providing tools that enable self discovery. Every individual has unlimited potential to experience personal goals, feel complete and share the wealth of goodness with others. Due to personal circumstances in one's life, the path to hidden treasures is lost. Each and every mindfulness and meditation workshop gives insights and inner guidance to reconnect with this path. Here is a list of some of the workshops:

  1. Awakening the empowered self
  2. Living in Self-worth
  3. Life Purpose & Life Path
  4. Redefining boundaries and reconstructing confidence
  5. Experiencing the Heart of Love
  6. Experiencing the Wholesomeness 
  7. Art of Giving
  8. Shakti - Experience of creative empowerment
  9. Experiencing the Essence of the SELF

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