Why mindfulness and meditation helps?

Pure Mindfulness is designed to initiate positive changes from within the self. It untangles the mind from self-doubts and limiting beliefs. In this process, it clears the vision thereby triggering profound changes in one's life.

It is a simple yet powerful method that can be used effectively in all life-based issues from relationships, self-worth, work issues, health issues etc. 

Within the purview of this technique, various workshops and programmes are specifically designed and aimed at individuals, groups alike and the corporate sector. Here is a list of some of the workshops and programmes:

  1. Awakening the empowered self
  2. Living in Self-worth
  3. Life Purpose & Life Path
  4. Redefining boundaries and reconstructing confidence
  5. Experiencing the Heart of Love
  6. Experiencing the Wholesomeness 
  7. Art of Giving
  8. Shakti - Experience of creative empowerment
  9. Experiencing the Essence of the SELF

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